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                1. Thick mushroom
                2. White flower mushroom
                3. red flower mushroom
                4. Off-grade mushroom
                5. The stipe of the mushroom
                6. Special vegetarian mushroom
                7. Deep processing of special mushrooms
                8. Custom hotline0377-67060888 立即定制

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                  Successful Case

                  • Giorgio Foods與歡樂菇合作
                    Giorgio Foods

                    The leader mushroom food production and distribution in North America,they Have a complete procurement, production, distribution, supply chain system. Supply in restaurant, supermarket, school, army and enterprise, has a big market influence in North America. We are formally to cooperate in February 2016, until now they are very satisfied with our mushroom and established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation. Bruce the vice president said”You are the most trust partners since our cooperation

                  • Giorgio Foods與歡樂菇合作
                    Kedainiu Konservu Fabrikas

                    Food enterprise with a long history in Republic of Lithuania.Pickled foods and canned products sell well in Europe and the United States.We begin formally to cooperate in May 2015,and established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation.Mr. Zivile, the representative of KKF said:“Your products and price let us become very competitive in the local market”.

                  • Giorgio Foods與歡樂菇合作

                    One of the largest distributors of organic food and food ingredients production in America.We cooperated in March, 2015, they are very strict withfood quality and hygiene.Before the formal cooperation, they have overall 60 days to comprehensive understand and research our company. This gave us a solid foundation to enter the north American market. Mr. Jacky, the procurement professional said”So far, the mushrooms of your company are the most cleanest and healthiest in China”.

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                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  • 1. Quality problems
                    provide free samples, and the sample quality consistent.
                  • 2. Shipping time will not because the weather or the humidity of the air on the way to produce mildew.
                    we use double packing, the inner packing with waterproof moisture-proof plastic film, outside use cartons to ensure goods are not damaged on the way.
                  • 3. Can provide service
                    quality on-demand customization, has the market competitive price.
                  • 4. Payment terms
                    T/T l/c at sight payment western union and other agreement.
                  • 5. Delivery time
                    according to the agreed date of delivery timely delivery of the goods.